Imagination is not an escape,
It's the destination.


Michael Dailey was born in the rural town of Berne, Indiana. His love for photography was discovered after seeing his first black and white print develop before his eyes while in a friends darkroom. Michael later decided to pursue a career as a professional photographer and graduated from The Ohio Institute of Photography in 1989 with an Associates Degree in Commercial Photography.

For the past sixteen years Michael has owned a commercial photography studio in Goshen, Indiana. His work has been utilized by General Motors, Ford, Dodge, Iams Pet Foods, and numerous diverse companies and non-profit organizations. Location assignments have taken him from California to Washington, D.C. and several points in between.

Michael admires the work of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Mother Nature. He is a self-described nature lover and enjoys spending time in northern Michigan with his wife Becky and their dog Laddie.

Artist Statement

My images must endure both visually and emotionally. They must mentally take me back to the location and also make me want to return to that moment in time.

It is an exciting challenge to capture the beauty within a particular landscape or scene. Determining an angle from which to photograph, studying the changing characteristics of light, capturing the emotion that the scene has revealed through various photographic techniques.

I must capture the mood, summon emotions, and create a longing in my images in order to give them a life of their own. A life that both I and others can experience. A life that endures both visually and emotionally.

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